Weighty importance and shining majesty that accompany God's presence. The basic meaning of the Hebrew word Kavod is heavy in weight {1 Sam. 4:18; Prov. 27:3}. Thus it can refer to a heavy burden {Exod. 18:18; Ps. 38:4}; more idiomatic uses in Gen. 12:19; 47:4; Exod. 4:10; 7:14}. On the other side, it can describe extreme good fortune, or mass numbers, a use with many different English translations {Gen. 13:2; Exod. 12:38; Num. 20:20; 1 Kings 10:2}.

"To give glory" is to praise, to recognize the importance of another, the wight the other carries in the community.

In the Psalms people give such glory to God, they recognize the essential nature of His "godness". That gives Him importance and weight in relationship to the human worshiping community {Pss. 22:23; 86:12; Isa. 24:15}.

Human praise to God can be false, not truly recognizing His importance {Isa. 29:13; 1 Sam. 2:30}. At times God creates glory for Himself {Ezek. 28:22; Exod. 14:4,17}.  As one confesses guilt and accepts rightful punishment, one is called upon to recognize the righteousness and justice of God and give Him glory {Josh. 7:19; 1 Sam. 6:5}. God thus reveal His glory in His just dealings with humans. He also reveals it in the storms and events of nature {Ps. 29; Isa. 6}. Glory is thus that side of God which humans recognize and to which humans respond in confession, worship, and praise {Isa. 58:8; 60:1}. Still, for the OT, the greatest revelation of divine glory came on Sinai {Deut. 5:25}. Such revelation does not, however, reveal all of God, for no person can see the entirety of the divine glory, not even Moses {Exod. 33:17-23}. 


Means that humans do not seek glory for themselves {Matt. 6:2; John 5:44; 1 Thess. 2:6}. They only look to receive praise and honor from Christ {Rom. 2&; 5:2; 1 Thess. 2:19; Phil. 2:16}. page 655 hol.

Since the close of the Old Testament, the glory of God has been shown mainly in Christ {Luke 9:29-32; John 2:11} and in the members of His church. Christ now shares His divine glory with His followers {John 17:5-6,22}, so that in lives Christians are being transformed into the glorious image of God {2 Cor. 3:18}. 

Believers will be fully glorified at the end of time in God's heavenly presence {Rom. 5:2; Col.3:4}. There the glory of God will be seen everywhere {Rev. 21:23}. page 656 hol