Pretty, but highly poisonous


          Deadly and venomous rattle snake

        Venomous  African Snake named for its black mouth


        Native to America destruction of tissues and degeneration of organs


       Tiger snake native to Philippines




     Coral snake>>only found in Florida, rather small, very dangerous and venomous bite

   Western Rattlesnake>>>The number of bites are increasing across the U.S. They are only aggressive if scared. See humans as gigantic predators--If threatened, can strike up to two-thirds of their own length.


      The feared King Cobra rumors are worse than the snake itself...Largest venomous species on earth. 18 feet found in Rainforests--where they are few people. Prefers to stay away from humans. They are very alert, see people before people sees it and hence tries to escape.


      Copperhead snake--inflict intense pain from it's bite. 



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