Ecclesiastes 12:12-14>>>Life is totally profitless without God connectedness....Profit exists only for those who fear God and keep His commandments. This is the grand conclusion of the wisdom preacher. Viewing God in this manner and complying with all of His revealed commandments is the inescapable duty of all men. Rebels will not comply, but the man of wisdom dares to commend and practice no other life....[page 755 oc]

Isa 5:8-25>>>Call evil good and good evil, means, they have now reversed moral standards completely; and that which should disdained is now being honored, before them. [777 0c]

Isa. 29:13-24>>>The Lord says these people say they love Me. They show honor to me with words, but their hearts are far from Me. The honor they show Me is nothing but human rules they have memorized....The Scripture makes it clear throughout that God is not impressed with mere intellectual worship, but demands a surrender of one's total being to Himself.

1 Corinthians 10:13>>>Paul is about to show that trials and temptations will be proportionate to our strength.

Bear up under:

God knows our frame. He knows exactly what we can take. Sometimes when the exigencies of life seem to overwhelm us, we think we can take no more.But take heart. If God did not know that you could take it, He would not have allowed you to suffer it....To bear:   Often the only escape is to endure James 1:12.

In early Greek usage, make a way to escape. This term had the sense of a landing place. It was a nautical term....The idea is not that He will enable us to escape temptation, but that He will enable us to land safely on the other side victoriously. Page 1481

1 Corinthians 10:12>>>Him that thinketh he standeth...The one who thinks himself to be the strong Christian, who can exercise his Christian liberty at the expense of the weaker brethren, take heed lest he fall. Not from salvation, nor yet from his position of strength to that of weakness, but that he should suffer the judgment of God, as the Israelites, and, "fall in the wilderness". page 1481 oc

The path to profit may only be kept by those men of wisdom who eschew [not to indulge in] overly righteous and overly wicked behavior and practice consistently the fear of God.  page 747 oc

John 10:25-26>>>But you do not believe because you are not of My sheep.....The cause for their unbelief is rooted in the fact that they were not His sheep.            

Fatalism>>>is the view that every event that happens had to happen. So, on the fatalist's view, anything that happens is unavoidable in the sense that it could not have failed to happen. Scriptures clearly indicates that humans do face real choices and are in general responsible for their actions {Deut.30:11-20}. Fatalism is false....

Deism>>>is the view that God created the universe as a sort of colossal machine, set it in motion according to various natural laws which perhaps, He Himself established, and watches events unfold in accordance with those laws. The view that God occasionally intervenes in earthly affairs is itself a version of deism. And, since God involves Himself in everything that happens, deism is false...More to come