The flood was not simply a downpour of ordinary rain. The text indicates a cosmic upheaval. "The fountains of the great deep" were broken up [Gen. 7:11]. Perhaps there were earthquakes and the ocean floors may have been raised up until the waters covered the earth. By a supernatual upheaval, God returned the earth to the primitive chaos described in Genesis 1:2.


The Flood was a drastic judgment, but the condition that brought it to pass was also serious. Society degenerated to the point that "every intent of the thoughts of man"s heart" was only evil continually [Gen. 6:5]. Violence raged upon earth. Instead of living responsibily as persons created in the image and likeness of God, people existed as beasts. Because the situation was hopeless, God chose to destroy that generation and make a new start, with the family of righteous Noah.


While the minds of people were filled with every evil, the heart of God was filled with grief and sorrow. Like a parent whose children have gone bad, God mourned for His wayward children. The Lord was sorry He had created them and was grieved in His heart [Gen. 6:6]. Since God knows the end from the beginning, how could He be sorry for what He had done? This was the biblical writer's way of showing the extreme disappointment of the Lord and the radical change in His attitude and action toward humanity. He had blessed the race, but now He would turn against the wicked people who refused to repent.

Their failure to repent caused God to repent, or turn around, in His approach to humanity.

God said to me,"I do not get much pleasure from humans anymore"!

          Eight people to build the Ark

          Relic reveals Noah's Ark was circular

      A life sized replica of Noah's Ark---the biblical vessel on which God saved people and animals when the earth was flooded as punishment for mankind's sins.


Christ's control of the elements demonstrated to the disciples, His heavenly calling. The hot East wind was often viewed as the wrath of God, bringing infertility and death. Rain signified the continued blessings of God; its absence, His judgment. 1663 holm