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I will be like the Most High------it is revealing to note the name for God that Satan uses here. This name literally means, "the strongest strong one". The devil could have picked other names for God. He could have used El-Shaddai, which means, "the breasted one, the one who feeds His children", but he didn't. He might have selected Jehovah-Rohi which means, the Shepherd God, but he avoided this title also. The reason is obvious-Satan coveted God's strength, but was not the least bit interested in His feeding and leading attributes.


God appeals to man's intellect as well as his emotions. We are not to simply put our brains into neutral in our dealing with God....{Isa. 43:26; Rom. 12:1; Mt. 22:37; 2 Pet. 3:1}.

Glutton---A person who is debased and excessive in his or her eating habits. Gluttony is more than overeating. In its association with will cont. {Prov. 23:21; Deut. 21:20}, it describes a life given

788 oc This clearly indicates that God uses the wrath of men against each other to bring about His purposes in the world 797 oc

The prime purpose of Christ coming was>>>not to teach, not to heal, not to be an example, but to save sinners. p. 1640 oc

The beginning of greatness is to be little, it increases as we become less and is perfect when we become nothing...Strength made perfect in weakness, 2 Corin. 12:9

Christian love is only exercised through repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ, page 1181.

Not truly honest, if we are not godly! 1182 new

Forgiveness of sins, contrition for sin, confession of sins. True confession---admitting you cannot deal alone. No private sins. God is always hurt the worst.

No sins more harmful to mankind than adultery [includes homosexualty} and murder.

Natural bent from birth towards sin as do we all. Given the option, we would do wrong everytime. It is the wisdom of God to know we are impure very moment of conception.

Not excuse sin but acknowledge it. "Purge me oh Lord" is a cry to remove defilement.