JOB 24:12-17


The children of darkness are evil men who sin under cover of night, and darkness symbolizes their wickedness. Light is seen as representing goodness and decency.

PSALM 49:19-20

What a tragedy it is for a man, whether wealthy or poor, to leave this life without the Lord Jesus a Saviour!  Even if he is a man of honor and well-respected, he must understand that without the Lord Jesus he is like the beasts that perish.




The worship of something created as opposed to the worship of the Creator Himself.

Scores of references to idolatry appear in the Old Testament. This shows that idolatry probably was the greatest temptation our spiritual forefathers faced. While we find bowing down to a statue no temptation, they apparently slipped into idolatry constantly....So serious was this sin that the Prohibition against the making and worshiping of images was included near the beginning of the Ten Commandments [Ex. 20:4-6].

In addition to material objects such as houses, land, and cars, idols can be popular heroes

or those whom we love. Objects of worship can even include things like fame, reputation, hobbies, pride, and deeds done in the name of the Lord.


is a dangerous and deceitful sin.. No wonder prophets preached against it so often and so strongly.

This is prophetess Catherine+++

Have a great day as unto the Lord.

  The Tower of Babel

Babel, Hebrew word meaning "confusion", derived from a root which means "to mix".

The tower of Babel stood for mankind attempting to become equal with God. Many Scholars believe that the building was destroyed soon after its erection.

To people the tower is a skyscraper [Deut. 1:28], but to God it is so small that He must come down from heaven to catch a glimpse of this tiny effort....I love it, I absolutely love it! 

The construction of the tower and city is described as an act of self-glorification

by the builders [Gen. 11:4].

People seek for their own security in community life and culture, independent of God. This is human initiate apart from God [Ps. 127:1].

As such, the activity is evil and sinful.